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Kitchen Remodeling Service in Queens NY

We provides Kitchen Remodeling Service in Queens NY . In New York, the homeowners have very modern and elegant tastes and we completely understand what our clients are looking for. And we are polishing our skills with each passing day to give our clients the best results. We the Excellence Construction are here to look after your preferences to spell the magic on your kitchen that you are about to remodel to make your kitchen the most magnificent corner of your house.  

Over the years we have gained our expertise as your fellow contractor. And customer satisfaction has always been our motto. No matter what, we are here to help you in every step if you are stuck or need us. Every customer is different and every customer’s preferences are different as well. And we respect each of their demands.

Our Services

The Galley Kitchen

The Galley Kitchen - The Galley Kitchen is the classic way which consists of two rows where appliances are on one side and the counter space is on the other, with a space in the middle for them to walk or do other work. These are often used in restaurants nowadays. It is also known as a corridor kitchen as it would give corridor-like space between the two rows.

The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen gives a bigger work surface. It gives a huge cooking area even after having appliances. But the thing is, your kitchen should normally be at least 13 feet and we don't recommend you to do The Kitchen Island layouts if your kitchen is less than 13 feet.

The U- Shaped Kitchen

The U-Shaped Kitchen requires 3 walls with built-in Cabinetry that are all joined together in a U shape. The U-Shaped Kitchen tends to have less traffic since more than two people can also work. And it allows the appliances to be placed that are easier to find.

The G- Shaped Kitchen

The G- Shaped Kitchen has four sides by adding an extra side to the U- Shaped for some extra dining space or room for other appliances. Similar to U-Shaped Kitchen, just the fourth dimension makes it resemble the letter G, which is why it is named G-shaped Kitchen. For such layouts, your kitchen space needs to be bigger.

L- Shaped Kitchen

For a few years now it has become more popular and trendy to have L-Shaped Kitchen. This type of kitchen includes two adjacent walls and is often large enough so that many people can fit in the kitchen to work or stay at the same time. Yet the length of the L-Shaped Kitchen may vary depending on the space of your kitchen.

Licensed Kitchen Remodeling Service in Queens NY

Our team works according to your convenience to give you a higher level of satisfaction because our clients are special to us. And we are really happy to let everyone know that our team is licensed in this field. When our clients hire us, they must rest assured that they can rely upon us.

From qualifications to experience, our team has everything you need in your constructor. We have trained our staff personally who have trained already unlike other construction companies because we can never take risks with the quality of our services. We try to engage with our clients in a friendly way and we are patient with our clients. Because we understand it is a matter of expenses and everyone would want the best deal possible.

Being a licensed constructor in Queens, New York, we let you give us feedback. You can give reviews about our work on our page and website.  Our services are our pride. And you wouldn’t regret choosing us.

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Importance of Kitchen Remodeling

Conclusively, now that you know how your kitchen needs to be remodeled and how important it is to maintain a sophisticated kitchen lifestyle, being a New Yorker, we totally understand what your needs are. And we the Excellence Construction are beside you and we assure you to give you the best deals possible, without compromising on the quality of our services. And for more information contact us.