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Brick Pointing

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Brick Pointing

Is your home’s brick veneer in bad shape? Has the mortar in the joints vanished, or is it beginning to deteriorate in certain areas? Is it much worse if any of the bricks are loose enough to slide around?

Water intrusion or early degradation of the veneer, which can lead to collapse, necessitates brick repointing. Repointing your brickwork will only endure as long as the proper material is applied by competent hands familiar with trade methods and during good weather.

When the repointing on your brickwork recedes by more than 5-10mm, it’s a solid sign that your home needs to be repointed. When left untreated, any water which runs against the brickwork will eventually be absorbed via porous mortar joints, resulting in considerable moisture and interior cavity damage.

We offer tried and tested brickwork restoration services that are carried out by our experienced technicians. So, don’t wait any longer! It’s up to you to rescue your walls!