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Sidewalk Repair in Queens NY

We provide Sidewalk Repair in Queens NY . New York’s streets need more focus on the sidewalks repairs and installation. And Excellence Construction is beside you every now and then to serve you with the best deals.

Over the years we have gained our expertise as your fellow contractor. And customer satisfaction has always been our motto. We understand how every pedestrian requires sidewalks, on the route to their destination. Not everyone owns a car. And some people love walking. So the sidewalk should be safe for every pedestrian, even for those also who are in wheelchairs. We, as your constructor, are working on every possible challenge to minimize the risk to the people using sidewalks. So that our people can have a safe walk from the sidewalks.

Our Installation Service


We fill the crack with patching mix. It is an effective repair. It is mostly done in asphalt and is temporary.

Grinding and cutting

Grinding and Cutting are commonly used in many places. To make more permanent repairs to such displacements. Because new grinding and cutting technologies are having higher tolerances.

Mud Jacking

In this repair method it lifts concrete sidewalks back to their original position by injecting cement under the sidewalks. In sunken sidewalks, it works more effectively.


It is mostly applied where there is a saw joint in a concrete sidewalk. It is the placement of concrete filler and asphalt to prevent tripping danger.

Driveway Repairs in Queens, NY

Just like the sidewalks need our concentration. Our driveway also requires our attention. And the Excellence Construction company is a professional constructor, we understand the condition first and then recommend to the clients the repair. To prevent car accidents in the driveways. And you must call professionals when you see some cracks in your driveways.

We make sure that our clients can rely upon us in such sensitive matters which bring hazards to human beings by causing many uncertainties.

Our Installation Service

Repairing crumbling driveways

If you find your driveway is crumbling, you must call a professional for your service.

Fixing driveway cracks

Depending on your driveway type any size crack can be patched with cold patch asphalt or concrete or with some other effective materials in use.

Repairing large holes in the driveway

Fill them with gravel to fill the large holes and then pour the concrete, tamp it with magnesium float and then finish it with a broom or trowel.

Licensed Constructor in Queens, NY

We are really happy to let everyone know that our team is licensed in this field. When our clients hire us, they must rest assured that they can rely upon us. Moreover, our team is working hard to give our clients nothing but the best to meet our customers’ standards by working according to their convenience.

Being a licensed constructor in Queens, New York, we let you give us feedback. You can give reviews about our work on our page and website.  The services we give are our pride.

sidewalk repair service ny

Importance of Sidewalk Repair in Queens NY

Your locality is your home. And you have to be responsible for hazards that may happen in the street be it on the sidewalks or in the driveways. And for that we the Excellence Construction are beside you whenever you need us and we assure you to give you the best deals possible, without compromising on the quality of our services. And for more information contact us.

We have a website and we are available on our Facebook page, and Instagram. You can contact us to know more information about the services you want from us.